5 Great Reasons to Regularly Clean Your Office Carpet

If you work in a busy office setting, chances are that your office’s carpets are the last thing on your mind- especially if you’re in charge of running a department or group of people. However, carpets shouldn’t be neglected, as they can change the entire atmosphere of a work environment. To convince you and remind you to keep that carpet clean, here re 6 great reasons to regularly clean your office carpet.

Gives your carpet a longer life.

Regular cleaning is a vital part in making the most out of your carpet. By prolonging your carpet’s life through regular cleaning, you’re saving yourself the hassle of replacing carpet. Because carpets are commonly spilled and walked on, they become dirty and worn down quickly if they are not refreshed with a good cleaning. A dirty carpet is a useless carpet, as it breaks down faster than it would if it was well maintained.

Improves air quality.

You may not think of it, but air quality is heavily influenced by the state of your carpet. How? It’s simple. Dirty carpets trap pollutants and dust particles that comprise air quality, releasing them when the carpet is moved or stepped on. Regularly cleaning your carpet, gets rid of the pollutants instead of hiding them and allowing them free reign of your office space later on.

Enhances office appearance.

Nothing looks worse than a dirty carpet, especially when it’s located in a professional office space that needs to be taken seriously and receives many important visitors. Such visitors may be put off by a blackened, stained carpet. However, a clean carpet has the opposite effect.

Improves employee productivity and moral.

When your house or bedroom is dirty, you probably feel trapped and down or depressed. When it’s clean and smells nice, however, you’ll probably have a change of heart and gain a bit of pep in your step. This is the same for office carpets. Dirty, dingy carpets affect the way employees produce their work- employees who work in a clean office space will work harder, faster, and more efficiently than those who don’t. Employees will also be happier and less likely to get sick.

Regular cleaning saves you money.

Even if your office carpet doesn’t look dirty, it’s a smart financial decision to clean it regularly. Why? An extremely dirty, built up carpet requires longer cleaning with heavy duty materials and machines to get the job done. A mildly dirty carpet can be cleaned by home methods or by a professional but within less time. As a rule of thumb, the more time and materials a carpet cleaning job requires, the most the job will cost you.

Now that you know why your office carpet needs a regular clean, you can use the knowledge as motivation to clean the carpets- even when they don’t appear to need to be cleaned. If you find yourself considering skipping a clean, reread the above reasons for a reminder of why carpet cleaning is so important.

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