How to achieve a good deep clean on your carpets

There’s a few things to consider when you’re trying to give your carpets a deep clean after a few years of hard usage.

The main thing to remember is that unless you use a professional service or company, then you’re probably not going to achieve the same results as they will.

Of course, this is to be expected since the professionals will be using top of the line equipment compared to what you’ll be using.

Here’s our recommendations for cleaning a really, really dirty carpet in your house!

  1. Prepare

You’ll have to move all the furniture out of the way if you want to remove dirt from your carpet. This will make things very easy and and uncover any hiding spots.

2. Pretreat

Just like you would pre-treat your laundry, you need to pre-treat your carpets. Doing so will loosen up stains and make the whole process a lot smoother. Use a spray formula on any visible stains and give it an hour to work it’s magic before you proceed any further.

3. Setup

Get our your carpet cleaner and fill the tank with hot water. Why not boiling water? Hot water doesn’t melt your carpet cleaner 🙂

Add formula to the tank (According to the bottle instructions).

4. Clean

Start cleaning the room. Take your time and don’t rush this part. It’s vital that you give the entire carpet a good going over to increase the overall result.

5. Rinse

This is an additional step that we recommend you do. Again, only use hot water in the tank to avoid any problems. This will remove any formula that’s leftover.

That’s really all you need to do in order to give your carpets a pretty good deep clean. It won’t be perfect, but it’ a lot cheaper than the alternative method of hiring a company (if you didn’t want to do that).

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