How To Maintain An Area Rug

Area rugs are a great addition to any busy household. They’re both functional and appealing to the eye, offering a touch of style.

Unfortunately, though, area rugs tend to be the kind of rugs that have the shortest lifespan. This is due to heavy foot traffic and lack of care, because, let’s face it – area rugs are often forgotten about.

If you care about your area rug, however, you’ll want to maintain it. So here’s how to do just that.

Become a spot clean master.

Stains are quick to develop. They waste no time ruining perfectly good carpets and area rugs, which is why spills should be attended to as soon as possible and with great care.

Gently blot spills with a dry cloth to dry them up – never rub! Avoid using soap, bleach, and other harsh chemicals. After blotting, you can use water to try and remove the stain, again, without rubbing.

If water doesn’t work, you may need professional help.

Rotate frequently.

Since area rugs are essential to the cleanliness of many homes, they’re very rarely ever not in position. This being said, it’s hard on your rug to be on constant use like that.

So, to give your rug a break so to speak, rotate it frequently so that both ends and all sides of the rug get even wear.

Make use of padding.

This might sound crazy, but adding a layer of padding under your area rug can do wonders.

Purchasing a layer of padding that sticks to both your floor are the bottom of your area rug does more than just make the rug comfy; it also serves as a protection against wrinkling and warping of your rug’s shape.

How? It adds stability, which means that your rug is less likely to move and get bunched up.

Don’t forget to vacuum.

It’s no secret that area rugs get dirty fast and are also frequently left that way. Area rugs are quick to get a build up of dirt, debris, dust, pet hair, and other danders.

This is why many area rugs seem perpetually dusty – even after a much needed clean. To ensure that your rug avoids this fate, make sure you vacuum it regularly. Try to vacuum it each time you vacuum the rest of the house.

Avoid direct sunlight.

Although dirt is the biggest problem to strike area rug owners, fading can occasionally be a problem too. Most of the time, fading is a result of age and of excessive exposure to sunlight, as the sun has bleaching properties.

To avoid parts of your rug getting bleached, you’ll want to try and avoid setting your area rug in an area that receives a lot of sun.

Despite being simple and serving a purpose that is usually purely functional, area rugs can and should still look good.

To keep them looking their best is simple: avoid sunlight, spot clean, vacuum, invest in padding, and be sure to rotate.

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